The Grammar Palette:

     Here's a chance to learn grammar and how it empowers you with all the colors to choose from. I can help. For over a decade I've been working steadily as a copy editor fixing grammar, punctuation, and awkward or unclear sentence structure. I wanted to find a way to teach based on how much I appreciate the grammar tools I use as a writer. I include just the need-to-know information, no extra sentences. I put the emphasis on concepts, not terms. I group similar concepts together whenever possible for ease of learning and remembering. You can try it out in a real context—practice on a 1920s Egyptian mystery story. It's about freedom—you can write spontaneously, then edit the grammar later.

     I strongly believe grammar is a great equalizer that can help everyone get where they want to go—achieve the grade, the job, the promotion, the polished manuscript, with confidence.

"Elaina Coe’s grammar book is for the writer and reader who want a clear-cut, accessible approach to how the English language is constructed. For some (especially writers on any level), it will be a useful review, and a recalling of those forgotten (or ignored) ideas from that middle school English class. For others, it will serve as a gateway of learning to create more precise, effective writing. Ms. Coe wraps the technical segments in a fun, and often witty, short story to show how grammar is used practically on the written page. The book proves to be an excellent read for anyone interested in how the English language works."

Laurence Carr, editor, Codhill Press and publisher of Lightwood Press and magazine.

ebook or paperback

for ages 12 through 100

Complete grammar and how it translates into more varied and effective writing of fiction and nonfiction

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